Selbstgebaute Hochzeiten: Was man vermeiden sollte

Nowadays, DIY weddings are a huge hit and every bride with Pinterest account got to have at least one board dedicated to wedding details they would like to do by themselves. And that’s great since you’ll be able to express your personal style and show your guests how much you care. We all love to give personal touch to events that matters the most to us. When it comes to weddings, there are lot of thing you can actually do by yourself such as favors and certain decorations.

On the other hand, there are things you should never ever consider to DIY for your wedding, at least in case you want to avoid your wedding turn into disaster. Which ones? Here they are:


Under no circumstances should you try to save money by avoiding professional caterers. They know exactly how to prepare food for large group of people and they have reliable staff to serve it according to the occasion.


Wedding cake presentation is one of the most spectacular moments during wedding reception and it has to be representative, not only with its appearance but with taste as well. It’s cheaper to make your own cake, but the end result cannot in any way be measured with the one confectioner can make and decorate to perfection.


Everyone has at least one friend or relative who’s into photography and even have semi-professional equipment, but that’s not the reason to make them the official photographers for your wedding day. Maybe their camera will decide to malfunction while you’re saying I do, or they’ll fail to capture all your closest family and friends. And what then? Amazing wedding album will be everlasting memory of your wedding day so don’t take risks with amateur photos.


It’s one thing if you decide not to hire a professional help for planning your wedding, but trying to coordinate your own wedding day by yourself is something completely different. And you shouldn’t even think about it. On your wedding day, you should try to relax, have fun and let others take care of everything. Hiring a wedding day coordinator could be the wisest decision you made throughout your wedding planning process.

Although DIY weddings are a great way to save money and express your personality, think carefully and leave the most important things to professionals.

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