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Do you know anything about wedding light? Why should you if that’s not something you do for a living. But, when you’re planning a wedding, it’s important to know some basics.

Photo by: Art studio

Photo by: Art studio

That’s why we have expert advice series where we`ll be getting you tips & tricks from various vendors in wedding industry. Ovo je taj pasos This time, we have asked our dear partner Sven Kučinić, light designer and owner of LumiLas Wedding Light company to share some general information about the wedding light and the way it can make your wedding reception even more beautiful than you could imagine.

Wedding light effects have become popular in Croatia in the last ten years, although it is a well-known international trend. Progress in technology has also resulted with new techniques in lighting wedding venues.

Photo by: Art studio

Wedding lights can be segmented into three sections:

ARCHITECTURAL LIGHTING is fixed and its purpose is to decorate venue interior. Coloring is carried out by indirect lighting, i.e. illuminating the ceiling, walls or curtains in order to avoid directing devices towards wedding guests.

INTELLIGENT LIGHTING is dynamic and it is used for creating atmosphere on the dance floor. It is possible to create over one hundred combinations of colors and different effects, so the operator can customize the lighting to match the music which is currently playing. That way you get the perfect dancing ambiance on your wedding.

Photo by: Art studio

Photo by: Art studio

SPECIAL EFFECTS include fog machine, bubbles, snow, spot-light… This type of lighting incudes the whole range of devices in order to highlight special moments, such as couple`s first dance or cutting the cake. It is also possible to light-print bride and groom`s names or a special message.

There is a great difference between lighting the outdoor venue, comparing to a restaurant, hall or a marquee. It is hard to achieve the effect of classic interior coloring, but at the same time it gives you the opportunity to highlight all the great elements of your outdoor location. It is possible to light a tree, a fountain, nearby bushes… If your wedding takes place in a villa or a castle, you can get absolutely perfect scenery by lighting the front of the venue. Dance floor lighting can be performed the same way as indoors.

Photo by: Art studio

Photo by: Art studio

Offers are formed based on couple`s wishes, but it is also crucial to get the right insight about the wedding venue in order to achieve the best effect.

Author: Sven Kučinić

LumiLas d.o.o. / LumiLas LLC

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