Leitfaden für die Auswahl der perfekten Hochzeitslocation

Since deciding about the perfect wedding venue is one of the first items the future spouses need to think about, we are continuing to guide you through the process of choosing the perfect one for your dream wedding to come true.

If you have done even the basic research, you probably know a few main options such as restaurants, hotels, ballrooms, beaches or public areas.

Still, it might be difficult for you and your groom to get the overview of potential downsides for each venue so here is a brief guide on pro`s & con`s for these major groups of wedding Veranstaltungsorte.


These venues usually have reliable staff with long-term experience in organizing different events. They also usually offer wedding packages that are cost effective and all inclusive. A great advantage can also be the accommodation option on site (if applied) and usually no rental fees.

Although a site coordinator can be very helpful, you might feel you`re getting a premade project or a mass produced wedding with no personal touch. Another downside can be generic or limited cuisine offer and you might even be stuck with sharing the larger banquet area with regular guests.

In spaces like those, you might need to kick in with your inspiration to make it more stylish and tailored to your needs.


These wedding venues are great because of their scenery – architecture is impressive, properties are well cured and chances are they probably host only one wedding at a time. One of major advantage of these spaces are great visual and scenery options for your wedding photo album.

On the other hand you`ll probably be facing high rental fees, noise restrictions, permits and maybe even lack of space to move the party indoors in case of bad weather. Also, every item needs to be rented and outsourced in these type of venues – tables and chairs, glassware, technical equipment, dance floor, lighting…

With these venues in mind you need to be prepared to invest more time, effort and budget into making it happen.


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