Einladung von Mitarbeitern zu Hochzeiten

Compiling a guest list represents a challange, especially if your budget prevents you to invite all the people you want. Inviting co-workers on weddings is particulary tricky since the decision on who to invite could affect your relationship later (or you might feel guilty for not inviting all of them).

Most brides are concern about this topic and many seek advice from professional wedding planner. Here’s what I would say to them:

When throwing a traditional wedding, especially in Croatia, it is a must to invite your boss with spouse. I would say it depend on your relationship and it is a matter of your personal choice whether you`ll be inviting him or she.

As for your colleagues, if you work in a small company with up to 10 employees, the general rule of thumb is to invite them all, but in that case you can leave out their significant other from the wedding guest list. For larger companies it is enough to limit the invite to your project team.

Another important note: try to avoid discussing wedding details within the office so the ones not invited don`t feel excluded.

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