Ist Regen an Ihrem Hochzeitstag ein Grund zur Verzweiflung?

It’s like rain on your wedding day…And isn’t it ironic… don’t you think…sang Alanis Morissette way back in 2006.

Despite all the time and effort invested into planning, unfortunately one thing no bride or wedding planner has control over are weather conditions.

Since we had the rainiest summer that we can remember in past ten years and the autumn wedding season is approaching, this might be the perfect time to share some advices on what to do in case of rain on your wedding day.

Although we strongly suggest to each bride to play it safe and choose a venue that has an indoor option as plan B, here`s a list of items that might come in handy if it`s likely that rain will become part of your wedding day.


Today it is possible to get any items customized to match your wedding theme. We guess you won`t be providing rain boots for all you guests, but you can style your bridesmaids and flower girls. You can even get your stylish wedding boots monogramed. Try to avoid white umbrellas and order ones that match your wedding colors. Just put out a large basket filled with umbrellas near the ceremony/reception site to keep your guest from getting wet. They will appreciate the gesture if you ensure that everyone stays comfortable during the day. It will also be a cute accessorize for your wedding photos.


If you want your guests and decor to be protected from wind and/or rain, you can rent a tent that allows you to have a covered reception, but still keeping the feeling of having it outdoors. Nowadays tents can get perfectly styled with glamorous accessories and even be heated or air-conditioned.


Keep in mind that changing weather conditions might lead to a time delay especially when it comes to photo shooting. Be ready to leave some extra time for changing locations during the shooting. In case the rain stops during your wedding reception it will be worth your while to make some minor changes in your wedding day timeline in order to go outside and get some extra photos.


Although we have never had a Force Majeure happened in our area, just think of worldwide couples who had their wedding plans cancelled due to hurricanes and storms. We would hate to see any couple goes through such an experience. Think ahead and protect yourself of any unfortunate event that might occur due to bad weather conditions.


Although all your guests are aware you didn`t want rain to happen on your wedding day, it will be of great importance for the atmosphere that you and your groom keep your good mood and positive spirit level. Just go with a flow and enjoy the love to the fullest!


If it still rains at the end of the day, take your husband`s hand, leave the umbrella and just dance under the rainy sky. It is a great opportunity to make few spectacular shoots and if you`re brave enough you can even do a short trash-the-dress shooting. Make sure you have waterproof make-up on and some fresh clothes to change into.

That being said, here is once again – if you`re planning an outdoor wedding, make sure to have a solid plan B. Both you as the couple and your guests should be comfortable on an alternate location. Don`t let it become stressful if you haven`t thought of a back-up plan and the weather is changing in days prior to your wedding day.

All of us working in the wedding industry really hope to have sunny sky and mild temperatures for each wedding, but chances are one of these days bad weather might show up uninvited.

The worst thing about bad weather is none of us have absolutely no control over it. By planning ahead you can ensure some serious damage control that rain might cause.

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