Gestyltes Hochzeitsshooting: Hochzeit im klassischen Stil

Today there are almost as many different wedding decorations tastes as there are brides. But all the different tastes can be categorized in some main categories. One of these categories is presented in this blog post: The classic wedding decoration style.

All the pictures seen in this post are the result of the synergy of women pursuing a career in wedding planning. We are very proud to present the work of our students from the only Croatian wedding planning academy, which we are proud founders of and teachers at.



What are the characteristics of the classic design wedding style?
Classic floral design is characterized by generally mass bouquet floral arrangements that continue in popularity due to their elegance and simplicity. It’s often called traditional as well. The shapes featured in the work of floral designers are geometric shapes. It is called classical or traditional but they form the starting point for almost any style when using this styling, you simply need to guard against constant repetition. It’s important to keep the mind open to new ideas and
new ways of using traditional shapes and concepts to create designs for the contemporary world. Massive and opulent floral design is what gives this style its true nature. All other elements like vases, tableware and cutlery are only there to support this main element, they still should stay
symmetrical in shape and follow the gives rules of the floral design.



Our styled wedding shooting

The idea of ​​the classical style scene is perceived through a set of emotions and dreams of women on their big day. Scenographic elements are playful and fairy-tale-like as are the dreams of women imagining their big day. Intended was a lunch scene in which various thoughts, feelings, and beliefs are exchanged between the models. From the feeling of happiness and playfulness to imagination and uncertainty. The scenography is saturated with strong colors that symbolize playful thoughts, and mix of tradition and classical beliefs with new and impetuous ones. Scene elements are classical in the choice of design, but not in the choice of color combinations that give life and unpredictability to the entire set. The models are playful and each of them represents a world for herself. They differ
in the choice of dresses, facial expression, beauty, and individual character features. We intended to give the classic style some vividness in color and new life to attract the millennial bride of today. We managed to show the awakening of spring within a limited space.

Perfect venues for this style

For all of you who found this kind of style to be exactly your taste and are an inspiration for your dream wedding, let us give you some real venue suggestions for your destination wedding in Croatia.

The first one is Villa Polesini.
This is exactly the type of venue this style is made for. Classical, elegant but still airy and natural in its core. The Villa offers a beautiful big garden for the ceremony and the reception dinner, but also has a perfectly to this style matching indoor space. Take a look at it.

Another suggestion of ours is the amazing Hutteroth castle on St. Andrews Island.
This venue is a historical building and is just made to be styled in this kind of style. The spacious terrace for the outdoor reception dinner looks stunning with rich classical wedding style floral decorations and the supporting decorative elements.



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Photos from our Wedding planning academy 2018/2019 photo shooting :
Photo: Mihocistudios
Styling, Design and flowers: @showroom.designandevents
Dress: @vesnasposa, @royal_bride_by_ivana_bilich
Cakes: @magnoliaslastice
Make-up: @miamatrljan @ ekelespamela
Hair: @frizerskisalonota, @fridahairsalon
Shoes: @hoglshoes
Accessories: @showroom.designandevents, @sol_i_papar
Models : Sara Susak, Lorena Križan, Ana Brajčić, Katarina Marjanović

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