Wann Sie ein Hochzeitsgeschenk mitbringen sollten

When it comes to weddings, bride and groom are not the only ones that have a lot on their mind – guests have questions too. What’s the perfect wedding gift, what to wear, when is appropriate to leave, is it ok to attend just the reception… to name a few.

In this Ask Martina series we won`t be answering real brides question, but rather give advices to all of you attending a wedding as guests. The trigger to write these was office-talk with one of our co-workers from a wedding-non-related part of the team who has attended a wedding recently and didn`t know how to act in few situations.

She was wondering about the most appropriate time to bring the wedding gift; is it better to give it to them before the wedding, to bring it on the wedding day or to deal with it afterwards. Here’s the answer:


It is common to mail the wedding gifts to the couple or their parents in advance, not bring it along on the wedding day. All of the guests attending a wedding should keep in mind that gifts can easily be misplaced during the reception or get damaged in transport, especially if you`ve been invited to a destination wedding. Even if you`ll be handing out money, it is applicable to send (or bring) the envelope in advance so the couple don`t need to keep an eye on it during the party. Just make sure always to put a card inside the package/envelope/wrapping so it doesn`t get lost.

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