Leitfaden für das Zusammenspiel von Wein und Torte

Looking for a fun wedding planning activity you can do at home? As wedding planning turns virtual, many couples are looking for creative ways to keep the excitement of planning their big day alive.

While things such as virtual venue tours, guest lists, online registries, and invites seem like obvious choices to tackle during this time, you can also opt for more creative wedding planning tasks to keep you and your partner engaged in the process.


Check wine and cake tasting off your list with our delectable pairing guide and printable tasting scorecard. This delicious activity doubles as a perfect date night in. You can even get your family and inlaws involved by having a virtual tasting.


If you already have a bakery in mind for your cake, contact them about sending over samples (cupcakes are a great option!) through no-contact delivery or pickup. Then, talk with your event planner about how you’ll be choosing your wine selections. Sometimes this is done directly through your vendor or caterer, or if you’re bringing in your own alcohol vendors, you’ll want to go through them.


When hosting your tasting, the most important rule is to match sweetness. You want your wine to be as sweet as the cake flavor it is paired with, otherwise, the wine will fall flat and taste bitter. One trick is to look for “late harvest” on your wine labels, as this signals that riper fruits were used and a sweeter wine results.


Below, you’ll find delicious wedding cake flavor ideas and wine suggestions to try with each. If you or your guests don’t drink, we’ve also included nonalcoholic mocktail options that pair well with each dessert. Don’t forget to download your printable cake and wine tasting scorecard.

Cake and Wine Pairing Guide


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