2021 TREND: Sustainable weddings

We have decided to dedicate the whole month of March to talk about sustainable weddings and raise awareness about this topic. We sure hope that sustainable weddings are more of a lifestyle, rather than a temporary trend.
Traditional weddings can have a big (negative) impact on the environment as they produce a lot of waste. Going green on your wedding day is a great step forward. It might inspire you to go green in your everyday life. You might even inspire your guests to be more conscious about their actions and resources on a regular daily basis.


If you have decided, or are thinking about, having an eco-friendly wedding, it means that you are being conscious of the resources used on your big day. The goal is to reduce the carbon footprint, even on such a special occasion as your wedding day. The main idea behind a sustainable wedding is to choose eco-friendly venues and vendors, but also to recycle as much as you can. It goes without saying that you should also avoid any traditional activities that are considered not safe for the environment, like tossing paper confetti after the ceremony.



Here`s a must-have list for any couple planning a sustainable wedding:


You can go different ways when it comes to choosing your wedding dress – you can buy a vintage or second-hand dresses or re-purpose your dress after the wedding day. If you`re not a fan of these ideas, you can still choose a brand new dress but made of fabrics that are not produced using toxic chemicals.


Regardless of who (wedding venue or outsourced catering) provides the wedding menu, they should serve organic, local, seasonal food. Going towards a vegan or vegetarian menu is also a great source for incorporating sustainably produced ingredients into your wedding day, but we are aware that might not suit you. Plated dinner usually means avoiding too much food waste, but even if you go with a buffet think about storing leftovers. Alcohol should also be bought from local wineries or breweries.


Make sure that your venue (or vendors) don`t use single-use items which are bad for the environment. We are aware that`s not always a possibility, but try to use as many reusable items as possible.


This might be the first item that pops to your head when someone mentions an eco-friendly wedding. The easiest way to reduce waste is to do all correspondence with the wedding guests digitally. If this sounds non-personal to you, there`s always the option of choosing recycled paper for your wedding invitations.


Maybe it`s hard for you to imagine a gorgeous wedding tablescape without fresh flowers, but there are some alternatives that are both beautiful and kind to the environment. You can ask your florist to use potted flowers or dry species instead of freshly cut stems. If you really can not go without fresh flowers, then those should be locally-grown and re-purposed or donated after the wedding day.


In the past years, we`ve seen a lot of balloons and floating/sky lanterns. Most couples love them, but they are so harmful to the environment. For a sustainable wedding, you should focus on decor that can be used more times (you can use it later as home decor or even sell it to future brides), like macrame, old books, antique glassware…


Instead of a traditional homeware registry, you can ask your guests to do charitable donations instead of giving you a gift. There are plenty of environmental charities you can choose to support with your wedding gifts.


Making small changes to your wedding day can still have a major impact. Don`t forget – it`s the small steps that count.

Would you consider having a sustainable wedding? Did you already start planning, but have some troubles finding the right venue and vendors?

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