Croatian wedding dress designers

Croatia has quite a few wedding dress designers that you might consider when choosing your dream wedding dress. Although they are usually specialized in evening fashion, their work in creating unique and fascinating wedding dresses is remarkable. If you are planning to get married in Croatia, you may consider to choose a Croatian designer to create a dreamy dress made just for you.

Our wedding planning expert Martina decided to list some of her favorites.


Boris Pavlin is one of my personal favorites. I would wear any of his dresses anytime. His designs are dreamy, elegant and eternal. He will create a wedding dress that perfectly matches with your character, personal style, body structure and tan. His work is known for great precision and numerous fine details that are usually a product of long and dedicated handwork.


This designer duo started their impressive fashion carrier back in 2004. which means they have just celebrated their 10th birthday in the industry. Their dresses are fabulous, admirable and unmistakable choice for the most beautiful day of your life. Perfection of detail is the main feature of their collections.


Sandra Haddad is a young Croatian designer, specialized in fairy wedding dresses. Her creations are romantic and graceful, each dress is unique and special. Her design is pure and simple, a match made in heaven. If you believe in fairies, this should be your choice! 🙂


This well-known Croatian fashion designer decided to give it a try with wedding fashion also. Oh, and what a good decision it was! His wedding dresses are modern, feminine and sensual. Hand embodied details are designer`s refined signature on each wedding dress from the collection. This dresses make brides feel wonderful!


The most usual line these two sisters and designers hear is „I don`t want to have a classic wedding dress.“ Well brides, here`s a good news – they don`t even have any of those! Main feature of their design is hedonism and playfulness. Their extravagant dresses are made to match bold brides who are not afraid to stand out on their wedding day.


Although very famous in evening fashion and creating elegant gowns, most space in her atelier is taken by gorgeous wedding dresses. Each dress is unique and made to measure. When it comes to wedding dresses, Matija doesn`t believe in current fashion trends, as the wedding dress should perfectly match to the bride and her personality. Matija is also favorite designer of Croatian celebrities, so it is a great choice for brides who want to feel like a diva.


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