Personalized destination wedding

Getting married abroad far away from your own home and culture can be the most exciting experience ever. Some couple are afraid that a destination wedding in a foreign country could be somehow to different from what they really are. Don’t worry, anything can be personalized and customized for your special day.

Here are some tips about how to personalize your destination wedding:


Instead of just putting “starters” or “main course” on the menu card, put something rather personal on it naming the courses after the favorite places you visited together. If you are getting married in Croatia, you can put Croatian cities like Rovinj, Porec, Zagreb, Pula and so on. To make it even more interesting and useful, put some fun facts about those places on the cards, so your guests get to know a little bit more about it.



The table decor always looks very authentic if you use some herbs like rosemary or olive leaves which grow locally in Croatia. Lavender make a great décor as well and can be found along the Croatian coastline. There are great local souvenirs like olive oil and lavender oil or soap which you can use as a decoration and later as favors for your guests.


Send out an invitation in form of a luggage tag, which your guests can use on their way to your destination wedding location. Make sure it has all information on it and a little space to write their names on it in case the bags get lost.


Don’t just use numbers, use different names for the tables, how about city names of the ones you visited together or regions you like in the destination wedding country. This will make the tables more attractive and it will give the guest a topic to talk about before they get seated.




Prepare nice gifts for your guest with locally grown food or drinks reminding them of the great time they had on your wedding in Croatia

Always put a little bit of creativity in whatever you plan to do and always put a little bit of yourself in it, so you a have something great to remember later on.

If you would like to celebrate you wedding in Croatia and get more ides on how to do it, just contact us via e-mail or phone and let us plan your personal destination wedding together.


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