Postponing the wedding to 2021

A big shoutout to all of 2020 brides and grooms – there is always a lot to think about when planning a wedding, but this year it has a whole new meaning. It is ok to feel a wide range of emotions, it is ok to be frustrated or angry or cry…sometimes. But, the question around your wedding is not “if”, but “when”. So, try to KEEP CALM & PLAN THAT WEDDING.

The current worldwide situation is very fluid, meaning different countries have a different approach to safety measures, which makes planning a destination wedding really hard. Due to the uncertainty of this coronavirus situation, we have decided to recommend to our July and August couples to postpone their weddings to 2021 (May and June couples already did that a couple of weeks ago). In this situation, we have decided to be rather realistic or even pessimistic, then optimistic because at this point only gatherings of 10 people are allowed in Croatia. That basically means that only elopement weddings can take place and only if the couple is local since the borders remain to stay closed (we don˙t know until what point).


Our general piece of advice is to stay calm, be prepared to change your plans, follow the news, and keep communicating with your guests and wedding vendors. It really doesn`t make a difference if you are “forced” to postpone or decided to do so out of precaution, just keep in mind that your team of vendors will be there for you as it`s in everyone`s best interest to make your wedding happen, even if it means waiting for another whole year.

If you are still unsure whether to postpone or wait for a few more weeks before locking down the alternative date in 2021, please take our advice – make that decision as soon as possible! It is in your best interest to decide on a postponement if your wedding is scheduled for this summer. We know this is not easy to hear, but with so many 2020 weddings moving to 2021 and all the regular bookings for next year, 2021 dates (especially weekends) are getting sold out really quickly.

To find an alternative wedding date for next year here are your steps:

1. Get in touch with your wedding planner

(or, if you don˙t have one, with all your wedding vendors)

It is important to find the date that fits all (or most) your chosen vendors, and that usually includes the venue, caterer, musicians, photographer, florist, hair and makeup artist… Try to find a few alternative dates as you`ll have a better chance to find a date that will suit all of them.


2. Set your priorities

When changing the wedding date, you should first get the wedding venue availability for your preferred alternatives. When you find out their options, then check with all other vendors if they are available on the same date(s). If that`s not the case be prepared to make compromises. Maybe you`ll want to stick with the photographer you have originally booked and sacrifice ceremony musicians, but maybe your decision will be based on the financial impact, depending on the deposits you have previously made. Most vendors are happy to transfer your deposits to a new date, but if you decide to cancel the wedding all together or you can`t find a date that suits all parties involved, you will probably lose your deposit.


Due to the uncertainty and travel restrictions, we were forced to make this tough decision and recommend to our couples to postpone, as we just don`t know at this point when these measures will be taken off. Our honest opinion is rather not to wait until it really becomes impossible to hold the wedding on the original date and start finding alternatives. We truly believe postponing is the best decision to keep you and your guests safe.


The current outbreak of coronavirus (COVID-19) has been declared a pandemic by The World Health Organization. We’ll be sharing tips from industry experts and measures declared by the Croatian government to give you the most up to date advice on how this can impact your wedding.



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