Palazzo Rainis Hotel & Spa

Wedding venue in Novigrad-Cittanova, Croatia
Palazzo Rainis Hotel & Spa is a romantic seaside wedding venue in Novigrad, Istria. Located right on one of the most beautiful seas of the world, the Adriatic Sea, and on the most relaxing side of the charming city of Novigrad. Palazzo Rainis Hotel & Spa emerges just a few meters away from the seaside with a breathtaking view of the sea and the picturesque city of Novigrad.
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Palazzo Rainis Hotel & Spa wedding originally a private coastal villa built around 1900, has been transformed into a luxurious boutique hotel. The brief was to convert the existing historic building to a heritage hotel and show its rich architectural values. Only the very best materials were chosen, and every possible detail has been paid attention to. You and your guests can experience a very special and unique wedding at this beautiful hotel wedding venue and create great memories. Enjoy the combination of the sea and the extraordinary interior of Istria.

Palazzo Rainis Hotel & Spa


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