Wedding program

Wedding program is becoming an inevitable part of modern wedding stationery set. It gives the couples the opportunity to make a wedding their own, to express their creativity and emotions and share them with their guests.

Wedding, as all major celebrations, has a certain protocol, prearranged terms, its beginning and its end. The magic is hidden in between, in all the linked segments that happen from the beginning to the end and the wedding program reveal the profusion of these special and unforgettable moments.

In order to introduce your guests with the protocol of your wedding ceremony and reception, you should make a wedding program. Although it’s not mandatory in your wedding stationery set, it can brighten the overall impression of your wedding. Wedding ceremonies and celebrations in most cases have the same basis, but wedding program can show your guests how much this means to you if you decide to give it your personal touch. Moreover, you will spice up the expectation of the event and your family and friends won’t feel like observers but more like loved ones who are included in planning of your wedding in some way.

Wedding program is quite useful; it’s filled with brief or more extensive schedule of events – from gathering of guests through the ceremony until reception. It serves as a guide through wedding protocol. In a prominent place there are bride and groom names together with the wedding date and time and place of the ceremony. But, the program can be much more than that: it’s a perfect opportunity to familiarize all your guests with your parents, grandparents, godparents, bridesmaids and groomsmen. This stationery item can tell the story about your love story and your personal style: display your vows, mention your favorite flower and color, explain why you chosen this exact first dance song… It will be kind if you add a thank you note to your guests. Since wedding program is not something everyone expects, it can come as pleasant surprise and lovely memory of that day.

In case you’ve decided to prepare a wedding program, make sure you have enough copies for each guest. You can send it along with wedding invitations, put them on the tables at the reception venue or, even better, let the hostesses hand it to them right before the ceremony. For all stylish couples, wedding programs have to be the same style as the rest of stationery designed for your wedding.

But, no matter which color and shape you choose, your wedding program will become a cute guide to your guests during the wedding and lasting reminder of an event that has its story, from the beginning till the end.


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