Wedding vs elopement – which one fits you better

We are sure that (almost) every couple thought “Why don`t we just elope?” at some point during the wedding planning. It is so common to get overwhelmed with all the bits and bobs connected to plan a wedding, all while keeping track of your regular life and work. So, you might be freaking out and considering to elope to avoid the stress connected to planning your big day, but you need to ask your self if this is the best thing to do for you and your fiance.

A definition of elopement would be running away & secretly getting married. Although it originally means you would be getting married without anyone knowing (especially parents), nowadays couples choose variations where they also invite a few people to come along. Still, we mostly get to see just the bride and the groom, although the party can extend to the best man/maid of honor and parents. That being said, it goes without saying that elopements are so much more personal and more intimate than a traditional wedding. There`s no room full of people you need to talk to, there`s no competition to beat your cuisine`s wedding…it is just the two of you…

If you want to make your elopement even more special, you are not limited to get married in your local city hall. Why not having a destination elopement? Through the past years, we have planned elopements for different types of couples with different ceremony ideas. But all of them had one thing in common – they wanted privacy and intimacy that you just can not create on a full-size wedding. All of them still had the exchange of vows, rings, wedding attire and photographer. Some of them also had flowers and ceremony arch. The key is in creating the scenery you always wanted it to be – whether those are cliffs by the sea or a hundred years old olive tree.


Croatia is perfect for elopements because it offers a great variety of different backdrops for your intimate ceremony. You can choose between a sandy beach, medieval town, vineyard, boat, castle…you name it! And the best part – you can prolong the newlyweds feeling by planning a honeymoon in any of the small towns along the Adriatic coast or even on one of the Croatian islands. Choosing to elope does not necessarily mean you need to skip the reception and/or celebration with your friends and family once you get back. Maybe you just wanted a one-on-one intimacy for saying your vows, but still want to party hard on your return…there`s nothing wrong with that 😉

Before you make eloping your final decision, make sure to consider if you are ok with these:
– getting married without your parents and friends by your side
– having a simple wedding without reception, lush centerpieces and speeches
– having your wedding planner and photographer stepping in as witnesses

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