5 mistakes brides make when planning a beach wedding

With the wedding season almost over, Weddings in Croatia team have more time to reflect upon the lessons learned over the past summer. As you probably know, Croatia is famous for its beaches and seaside venues perfect for romantic weddings. We really can not blame all the lovely couples who want to have a crystal clear Croatian sea as a backdrop on their wedding photos. But, when planning a beach wedding there are a few important things to keep in mind.

Believe us, we`ve seen it all…and we share these advices to make sure you don`t repeat the same mistakes if you`re planning a beach wedding and not hiring an experienced wedding planner.



Most beaches in Croatia are public areas that can not be privatized, That means you`ll end up walking down the aisle and having a bunch of curious eyes looking your way, not to mention all the beach gadgets that will show on your wedding photos. So, before you decide to exchange your vows on a public beach, consider how you`ll feel getting married in front of total strangers staring at you. When choosing a beach, it is crucial to find out if a part of it can be closed for the wedding and what time of day would be the best time to do it. Make sure to visit your preferred beach in a realistic time – if you plan to get married on a Saturday afternoon in July it is not worth visiting it on a Tuesday morning in April.



Any, and we repeat ANY, outdoor event needs a backup plan. When it comes to weddings, that goes for the ceremony, cocktail hour, reception and party. We have seen too many couples getting tempted and hoping that rain won`t happen to them. It is also quite a challenge to explain that rain is not the only risk – it is almost certain that it will be extremely hot during the day and chilly in the evening. Shades are not a very popular solution for beach ceremonies as they ruin the perfect outdoor setting, so you should try to keep the ceremony short & sweet. While we can understand that couples are not willing to pay deposits (usually is 50%) for tents they might not use, as wedding planners we choose not to take on a project if there is no rain option.


Most couples don`t have experience with outdoor events and see only the beautiful side of the story. While it is totally romantic to pledge your eternal love by the sound of the ocean and have your first meal as husband and wife under the sky full of stars, there is a ton of logistics to be considered. Besides the previously mentioned tent, most outdoor weddings need to rent porta-potties, refrigerators, lighting, power generators and maybe even air conditioning… Even if you decide to have just the ceremony outdoors, you will still need to hire at least chairs and a sound system.


For brides who have always dreamed about a black-tie wedding, getting married on a beach is definitely not the right choice. Beaches evoke the relaxed and laid back atmosphere and the dress code should play along.

Tuxedos and gowns simply don`t go with the beach wedding vibe (and not to mention heat and humidity). The same goes for footwear. High heels are not the right choice for sand/pebbles/rocks. You shouldn`t forget about your guests’ comfort too. You should inform them if the wedding is taking place outdoor/on a beach so they can dress accordingly or even provide flip-flops as they enter the wedding area. It is also an extra caring touch if you provide some water, paper fans and/or sunscreen. If you have your guests’ comfort in mind, there is no doubt they will enjoy having sandy toes and waves as background music.


Beach weddings are perfect for easy-going couples as conditions can change in the blink of an eye. Wind may start to blow or some random tourists might want to soak up the sun right next to your perfect wedding spot. With that in mind, if you have decided on a beach wedding, you really shouldn`t worry about the small stuff. Being too focused on details and worrying that your tablescape won`t match the Pinterest board, can move the focus from the actual celebration and really enjoying the moment.

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