Bye bye Coronavirus, make room for weddings

We are happy to announce that our country had great results fighting the virus and most of the restrictions have been lifted, starting 5th of May. As for now, results keep remaining good so since last week borders are open for EU citizens and gatherings of 100 people outdoors and 300 people indoors will be allowed from 27th May onwards.

Security measures for weddings are still unknown at this point. In case you`ve been following us, you might know that all of our 2020 weddings have been postponed to next year. It is still the toughest decision we had to make in our career, but we still believe it was the right one to be made. All of our couples live abroad and even if Croatian restrictions have been lifted, there are still these uncertainties:
a) will it stay this way during summer when all of our weddings are happening
b) will the travel restrictions in bride and groom`s country be lifted so they can travel to Croatia

Besides these political issues, feedback from our couples is that some guests are still don`t feel safe to travel, some won`t be able to get off work as previously planned… Covid-19 had such a big impact on all of us, regardless of which country we live in.
Our lifestyle has changed and it will take some time to get back as it was before the virus. During the pandemic peak no one really was in the mood for discussing timelines and creating Pinterest boards. We now feel that the initial shock is over and it`s the right time to start where we were and continue to plan those beautiful weddings. We are aware that the Covid-19 situation has left many couples in the dark. It got them thinking whether to postpone their wedding, should they reduce the guest list, if it`s a good idea to “marry now/party later”… There’s been some research that shows 90% of couples are not canceling (but postponing or revising the originally planned wedding concept), which is great news. Our heart goes out to each and every couple who had to change their original plan in any way. We know it was not an easy decision to make. But – you will get married and it will be one of the greatest moments of
your life! Cheers to you & your love!


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