Catering for summer wedding in Croatia

Being a Mediterranean country, Croatia is the most popular for destination weddings during summer months as most of our international couples and their guests want to enjoy warm weather. Getting married in Croatia is the best combo for connecting a perfect wedding celebration with some beach time.

Temperatures during July and August tend to go above 35°C which means you need some refreshing food to follow the unique setting that Croatia offers for weddings. When choosing the wedding menu, think about the outdoor temperature and choose food that holds up well in the summertime. Think about hydrating ingredients and keep things light and fresh, by choosing fruits like juicy watermelon and peaches. Those will definitely help to cool down your guests after the ceremony in the sun.

There are so many great choices for summer weddings, so you might find yourself struggling to choose what to serve. Here are some suggestions:

COCKTAIL HOUR is perfect for passed finger food which is a great way for the caterer to control the temperature and serving time. High temperatures and warm weather can compromise the quality and freshness of the food, so serving style and time have to be appropriate.

  • Your signature cocktail
  • Fresh lemonade and/or iced tea with seasonal herbs
  • Vegetable rolls
  • Mini crab cakes
  • Mini tacos
  • Caprese salad
  • Shrimp cocktail on ice
  • Fresh fruits


RECEPTION food can also be served as small passed plates to keep low heat impact. If you decide to go with interactive buffet stations, make sure each dish is labeled so guests know what`s served.

  • Gazpacho (or no soup at all)
  • Ricotta salad
  • Grilled shrimp skewers
  • Coconut fried chicken with a selection of dipping sauces
  • Grilled fish
  • Artisan homemade bread


DESSERT options are countless and you can easily get overwhelmed. Macaroons, cupcakes, mini tarts and donuts are still popular, but summer is the perfect time to offer your guests a cold refreshment. You can get creative with different ice-cream flavors and a wide variety of toppings, but also have an ice-cream cart that will be a great addition to your wedding day decor.

  • Ice-cream
  • Ice-cream sandwich
  • Naked or semi-naked cake


When choosing your wedding menu, don`t forget that food is also an integral part of your wedding concept. Make sure to include seasonal ingredients, which means you`ll be served with fresh local food. Believe us, flavors will be unforgettable! You`ll also need to think about the serving style and that will depend on your wedding venue style. You probably won’t be having a BBQ dinner at a fine dining restaurant. We always advise our couples to choose the wedding menu in accordance with the venue, whether they`ve chosen a 5* resort or sandy beach. When deciding on the menu always consult your wedding planner and catering manager, as they know all the tricks of the trade. Serving food in the summer heat is very tricky and requires experience to deliver immaculate sanitary service.

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