Choosing a wedding dress

Choosing a wedding dress is something every woman love and fear the most. The attire you’ll be wearing on your wedding day has to be perfect, and it’s a problem since there are so many different styles, fabrics and colors of wedding dresses to choose from. The search for your wedding dress can begin right after you set the date, especially if the dress will be specially made, and not a confection.

But how to do this the easy way? Here are some basic rules to guide you through the process of choosing a wedding dress:


Before you even step foot into a bridal store, do your research. Search for a perfect wedding dress is somewhat different from seasonal wardrobe shopping. There are so many bridal magazines, and not to mention online resources and forums where you can learn more about fabrics, silhouettes, necklines and all the details needed to be fully prepared for some serious dress shopping. Take your time to do the research and get familiar with terminology. That’s why wedding dress issue comes soon after you put the engagement ring on your finger and set the date.


According to wedding industry experts, 10% to 15% of total budget will be devoted to your wedding attire. Although you don’t have to decide on specific price right away, it’s best to set a general range for your wedding dress. This way, you can concentrate on dresses within the budget and won’t loose your time and effort on the ones you simply can’t afford. Remember that your wedding attire include lots of accesories such as veil, shoes, jewelry that will increase the amount.


Before you begin the search for your dream gown, think about the circumstances of your wedding in order to dress appropriate to the occasion. Formal weddings call for long dresses and long trains, while informal ones (especially destination weddings) can bear short, breezy dresses. Furthermore, the wedding date is important too; it’s best to decide on heavier fabrics during the colder months of the year. Finally, if you’re traditional kind of girl, white dress for your wedding is a must. But nowadays, modern weddding dress is not all white anymore – it can be any color you want as long as it looks perfect on you.


Choosing a wedding dress style is always the biggest challange. Are you going for classic and elegant A-line, dramatic ball gown, chick column or figure flattering mermaid silhouette dress? And what about the neckline? Which one do you prefer: halter, off the shoulder, sweetheart or strapless? Are you planning to choose a dress embelished with beads, embroidery or you just want many layers of tulle? Despite the trends, remember to choose a dress that will flatter your figure and highlight your personal style.


Although you may have your heart on a specific fabric, silhouette and color don’t be afraid to seek for professional help of bridal consultants. They work with brides every day and they know what king of dress would suit you the best. Taking their advice could be the best decision you made. However, regardless of professional advices, don’t ever buy a dress that you’re not feeling comfortable in or the one you’re not in love with.


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