Destination wedding tips

So, you have booked your dream venue for your destination wedding…and now the fun part starts! What`s the best way to carry your wedding dress, what is an absolute must in your suitcase, what kind of shoes are appropriate for a beach ceremony… More and more tough decision come to your mind daily, even hourly.

Well, now it`s the perfect time to hire your wedding planner (although we hope you have hired one even before booking the venue). Because having a destination wedding is charming and romantic, but it can easily become as stressful as a regular hometown wedding.

These tips might come in handy if you`re in the process of planning a destination wedding and will help you to know what to expect of a Croatian wedding.


If you have a long flight ahead of you, we suggest you book premium plane seats. It will be worth the extra money to have enough room to stretch during your flight and arriving to your destination well rested. Begin your journey feeling relaxed and comfortable.


Make sure to have two or three days of at your chosen destination before your wedding. It will give you time to enjoy and relax with your future spouse prior the wedding. Believe us, it`s a local custom to take it easy here in Croatia J Still, you can use this extra time to meet your planner and photographer.


Although we hope you use sunscreen oil on regular bases, be super carful in days before the wedding. You don`t want any sunburns and if your dress is strapless avoid getting any strap marks as it will show on photos. Also, don`t forget to pack an insect repellent.


Opinions are different when it comes to carrying your wedding dress on the plane. One say to carry it on board and book and extra seat, while others recommend to buy a brand new hard suitcase and pack it. It should be enough if you pack it carefully and request cabin crew to take care of it during the flight. If needed, you can steam any wrinkles upon arrival to your dream wedding destination.


Try not to wear too much make up or elaborated hairstyles on your destination wedding. Opt for a natural glow and laid back curls with fresh flower that matches your bridal bouquet. Plan for an afternoon ceremony when the sun is not so bright so you have a more natural lighting for your wedding photos.

Follow these and you`ll be having a destination wedding of your dreams.


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