Five reasons why Croatia is the perfect wedding destination

Thinking about wedding abroad? We’re giving you five reasons why Croatia is the perfect wedding destination. It’s true that organizing such events in foreign countries can be a bit of a hustle (mostly over paperwork), but finding a local wedding planner you trust can easily solve that problem. The next thing you need to decide on is choosing the perfect wedding destination.

The possibilities are endless; tropical paradise in Southeast Asia, winter fairytale at some ski lodge in Switzerland, instant wedding in Las Vegas or, the one we prefer: Mediterranean love story in Croatia. So, if you’re already decided on having a destination wedding but don’t know where to go, here are five reasons why you should choose Croatia:


This one is a cliché, but Croatia is famous worldwide for its natural beauties. If you love beaches and sea, you will be glad to know that Croatia is the owner of the most beautiful coast in Europe. The proof of that is 1,777.3 kilometers long stretch of coastline and 1,246 islands and islets with crystal clear sea and extraordinary beaches. But Croatia is not all about beaches; breathtaking national and nature parks, beautiful rivers and lakes, as well as charming plains and highlands makes Croatia diverse and particularly attractive to foreign visitors.


Croatia is characterized by exceptional diversity of cultural heritage on a small surface and the presence of monuments from all periods of civilization, from Ancient History to recent times. In addition to six most important parts of cultural heritage protected as World Heritage Sites by UNESCO, Croatia has 340 protected historic entities and a whole series of individual historic buildings, churches and chapels, fortresses and castles, manors and palaces and archaeological sites. Croatia, in its many museums, holds priceless and diverse cultural treasures, and there are many festivals and events, from music and film events to folklore events and carnivals. If you’re planning a wedding abroad, make sure your guests have something to see in chosen wedding destination. Then, your wedding will become an adventure they’ll never forget.


When it comes to weddings, food and drink plays an important role and it’s absolutely necessary to pick out the best dishes for your guests to enjoy. You can’t go wrong with Croatian gastronomic delights; whether you choose fresh Adriatic fish and seafood, abundance of home-grown vegetables and fruits, dishes with perfectly balanced Mediterranean spices, you’ll get premium food for your wedding menu. And wine? White red or rosé, Croatian wines certainly belong to some of the best wines in the world that can accommodate even the finest palates.


Croatia – a land of a thousand islands, magical nature and rich heritage, excellent food and friendly people has always been popular among couples and thus is the perfect honeymoon getaway. You can kill two birds with one stone when choosing Croatia as your wedding destination; get married here at your dream venue and then savor all Croatia has to offer (and it has quite a few) for your honeymoon. Besides, Croatia is ranked amongst the top five honeymoon destination in the world for 2013, according to one of the world’s most popular news websites Huffington Post.


An ideal wedding needs an ideal weather. Accordingly, Croatia has plenty , depending on the region. The Adriatic coast enjoys a Mediterranean climate of cool, rainy winters and hot, dry summers. With over 2300 hours of sun yearly and warm water of the Adriatic Sea, Croatia gives you the possibility of a beautiful weather on the coast throughout the whole year. If you’re planning a wedding in Croatia, the best dates are between May and September. The only thing that can come as surprise (weatherwise) is occasional „bura“. These five reasons why Croatia is the perfect wedding destination are just the obvious reasons. The rest is up to you!


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