Getting married on the beach – part 1

You have always dreamed of a casual and romantic seaside wedding? Here are some guidelines on important issues when getting married on the beach.

Through the years we have learned that when the couple imagines a beach wedding, they have a vision of a vast expanse of sand, crystal clear sea and romantic sunset as a backdrop. The vision does not include crowds of curious tourists and loud children running around or windy weather. Keep in mind that there is a great chance for that scenario in case you’ve decided to exchange your vows on the warm sand during the high vacation season.

In Croatia there are almost none private beaches, meaning it`s not possible to rent your own private area with no one around you. So, first thing is to forget photos of secluded beaches that are presented in travel magazines and catalogues.

Still, there are a few easy tricks to get some privacy during summer months. It will also help you to keep your wedding on the budget. If you schedule your ceremony in the morning (before 10 am) or around sunset (7 or 8 pm) you’ll most probably avoid most of sunbathers. If you want to get married abroad on a budget, it is also good to consider an earlier part of the day. In Croatia, there is a different officiant pricing if you’re getting married on a weekday or Saturday, as well as if your ceremony takes place before 4pm, from 6 to 8pm or from 8 to 10pm. Keep that in mind when deciding about your wedding date and time. Also, keep in mind there might be some permits required for an outdoor wedding ceremony.

When getting married on the beach here are some things that should be considered:


We know your wedding might be the unique opportunity for you to dress as a princess, but the beach is really not the perfect place to do so. Imagine mingling with your guests after the ceremony and taking photos on the Mediterranean rocks while wearing a ball gown and a long train. Also try to avoid lace. Yes, we know, it`s so romantic and elegant, but it will pick up debris and pine needles. You might also consider ditching the veil, especially if it`s very windy. A seasonal fresh flower or a fascinator might be a better idea. Also, let your groom go informal too.


You have probably learned by now that high heels don`t mix with beaches. Wear shoes that are comfortable and won`t sink into the sand or get stuck between pebbles and stones. Lots of brides decide to get married barefoot with only some nice foot jewelry.


Let them know you’ll be getting married on the beach. That way they can decide about their attire and foot ware. You might also prepare welcome bags with sunscreens, water, insect repellent and flip-flops.

Of course, it’s not all about apparel. For more practical information about getting married on the beach stay tuned for our next post.


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