How to choose the perfect wedding venue

It is common for a couple to fall in love with beautiful locations once their start their search for the perfect wedding venue. But, before you put your money on it, here are things to consider.

Before you get in these details make sure that your dream venue fits your budget and size. In the phase, you also need to think if you want to separate ceremony from reception or you prefer throwing an all-in-one event.

Choose the perfect wedding venue by asking these questions:

  • What`s the look & feel like? Does it suit your wedding style? Will you need to invest a lot of your budget on decoration to make it perfect?
  • Do they have an in-house kitchen or you need to outsource a catering company? Anyhow, make sure to arrange food tasting before you make a decision.
  • Is there an adequate toilette facilities?
  • How about the parking space? Do they own a sound system or a stage? Is there enough electricity?
  • What`s the payment schedule? Do they have the cancellation policy?
  • Are there any hidden costs, like exclusive use or linen rental fee?
  • Will you be able to purchase and bring in your own beverages? It may be cheaper even with the corkage fee.
  • Is there enough room to fit all of your guests plus the dance floor?
  • Is there a room where bride and groom can refresh between ceremony and reception?
  • Who will be in charge of service on your wedding day?
  • Are there any limitations in terms of noise or working hours?
  • If it`s an outdoor space, do they have any back up option in case of bad weather?

We hope these questions will help you when deciding about your perfect wedding venue.


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