How to get married in Croatia

There are not many places that are more perfect for a destination wedding then Croatia. The coast is filled with romantic beach spots, charming chapels, romantic ruins and castles, but also luxurious villas. You can choose between different backdrops – vineyards, hilltops or seaside.

If you are considering to get married in Croatia, you probably wonder where to start. We are here to help…


Having a legal civil ceremony requires more effort and paperwork, then having a symbolic blessing. Required documents can slightly vary depending on your nationality and place of birth. The most important thing (besides to be currently un-married :)) is to have fresh paperwork that is not issued over 90 days before your Croatian wedding date. If the paperwork checks out, you can choose between having the ceremony in the city hall (approx cost is 50€) or outdoors (approx cost is 800€). You will need to register your intention to marry and that`s when you`ll also announce if you`re keeping or changing your last name.


The best months to get married in Croatia are June and September, while July and August are quite hot and the accommodation cost is higher in those months. May is also a good choice, but riskier if you plan an outdoor wedding as it can get quite chilly in the evening.


If you plan to get married in Croatia, we have numerous wonderful venues to offer. There are private estates with huge gardens that can hold tent set up for a party of 200 guests and charming country houses that are perfect for celebrating with ten friends. Weddings in Croatia can help you with all aspects of the wedding: starting with finding the perfect venue and followed by hiring reliable partners like caterings companies, photographers, musicians, florists etc.



We hope that you have insurance every time you travel, but you should double-check if that also covers items specific to the wedding, like the wedding dress or rings. Those are usually not covered by standard travel policies, meaning there will be an extra cost to cover the wedding-related situations. Also, don`t just assume that wedding insurance covers the honeymoon too, even if both take place at the same destination.


Since you will probably be traveling to Croatia by plane, choose wisely…your wedding dress should fit into your hand luggage. It will still probably need some steaming when you arrive at your perfect wedding destination in Croatia, but at least you can be sure it will definitely arrive to the right location and on time. It is also worth choosing a dress that won`t get creased easily, is not too heavy or has a long train. The same goes for the groom`s outfit which should also be light and comfortable.


We didn`t cover the cost aspect in this blog post. In general, weddings in Croatia tend to be cheaper than in the UK or US, but like with anything in life…the cost can vary significantly depending of your standards, priorities and level of service you expect.

You really want to do a destination wedding in Croatia and might need help with that?
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