How to plan a wedding during the covid-19

A guide for couples who plan to get married in 2021

Let us begin by congratulating you on getting engaged! You are probably staying at home and social distancing, but, oh boy, does that ring on your finger look super exciting! We live in this uncertain time, but this shall pass…and then – you`ll be able to get married surrounded by the people you love.

Maybe you`ve already set the date, maybe you`re still a bit anxious, but take my advice – start planning! It will help you get your mind off this unfortunate situation, but it`s also important to know that weddings planned for 2020 are getting postponed for next year which means venues and vendors will get booked sooner than usual.

If you still don`t have it – pick a wedding date! We suggest you also choose a few alternative dates for the reason explained above. Try to be flexible and think out of the box…why not celebrating on a weekday. It might be a bit harder for some guests, but if you give them notice early enough anyone can make it happen.

The next step – choose a wedding planner! Since the virus outbreak in Europe, we and other colleague planners are constantly asked for advice by couples who originally planned their weddings by themselves. My intention is not to scare you or trick you into hiring a planner, but many couples have been confronted with rescheduling their wedding dates, negotiating contracts, all sorts of decision making…and all of that while handling their own personal anxiety. It is safe to say that couples who have a wedding planner found themselves in a better position since they have someone by their side who can make the rescheduling process smoother and more efficient.


Since you are planning your wedding during this pandemic situation, here are two things that you need to focus on:

– finding wedding insurance that covers the Covid-19 situation (insurance companies probably won`t be offering that yet, but keep looking periodically)

– review contracts and in case your vendors don`t have a force majeure/pandemic/Covid-19 clause have them add it to their contract (you should be able to postpone your wedding date at no extra charges)


Virtually surround yourself with positive people – follow accounts on social media that bring you joy and excitement, read helpful planning tips, look at bridal shops and flower designers who spread happiness. You can even include your maid of honor and bridesmaids – set a Zoom call and pour yourself a glass of wine. Hint- now it`s also a good time to test some signature cocktails you might be offering on your wedding 😉

It is normal to have a lot of questions and feel unsecure with all that is going on around you, but wedding planning is a really, really exciting time. Share the good news about your plans with your family and friends, focus on the good things and dive into the beautiful wedding planning process. We are pretty confident about the future and that the virus situation will be under control by the wedding season 2021. Don`t ruin your excitement for the wedding planning – stay positive – get ready for the wedding you have always dreamed about!

The current outbreak of coronavirus (COVID-19) has been declared a pandemic by The World Health Organization. We’ll be sharing tips from industry experts and measures declared by the Croatian government to give you the most up to date advice on how this can impact your wedding.


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