How to plan a wedding, when Instagram makes you crazy?

Are you planning your wedding with the vision to have a unique wedding and a whole around experience? Have you started following all major wedding blogs and vendors on Instagram? Have you become obsessed with too many different styles? If the answer on one or all of these questions above is YES then you are on the right spot.

Let us give you some advice on how to plan a wedding with the help of Instagram but without getting to much input for yourself which makes you crazy.

The following advice will help you get back on track!

Make sure what style you like

If you are a boho bride, don’t go for classic style looking posts and pictures. Make sure to follow the hashtags you like. This way your feed will show you only what you are looking for.



Create a wedding collection

If you are using Instagram regularly then you must for sure know the bookmark like collection button. To save a post, tap the bookmark like button below it. When you save a post, it’s visible to you from a private section of your profile. To save a post to a collection, tap and hold the button. Then, select a collection you’ve already created or tap the plus button to create a new collection. Name it Wedding inspiration and make sure to never have more than 20-30 posts inside. Stay true to your style and by putting a limit on the number of saved posts for yourself you will create order.

Choose wisely

Know which items you need and which don’t. If you are having a church ceremony, check if it is even allowed to have it decorated. If you are planning a destination
wedding make sure to employ a wedding planner onsite who can clear this out for you in advance. For instance, in Croatia, some churches allow decorations some
not. Do you need extra chair decoration for all the guests? It is not just about the costs it is more about what it will look like if you mix too much decoration on the
same items. Make sure you cover the essentials first: ceremony spot, reception spot, and bridal bouquet. Start from there and then go on with the details around it.

Unfollow pages and hashtags that are not suiting your style

Go through your list and take some time to eliminate the pages and hashtags you are not 100% into. Making a selection is crucial here. And save the ones you like into your first big collection which you can narrow down to a smaller sized one.


Follow the vendor you like and reach out

If you see items you like, great pictures of food, or hear a good band playing, make sure to take a look at the description and find vendor tags! You can then follow the vendors you like and reach out to them via direct message or even better via mail.

Be sure to stay true to yourself and the vision you have, but make a clean-cut where it is needed. If you feel like you need to get help from a professional in choosing the right style, venue, vendors, etc. feel free to contact us!


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