How to style bridesmaid dresses

Creative part of wedding planning such as picking out your wedding shoes and accessories or how to style bridesmaid dresses isn’t the most important one – but it sure is the fun one.

There are so many questions that pop-up when your start planning a wedding. After you manage to decide on important ones like choosing your wedding date and venue as well as drafting a guest list, it’s time to play with numerous details that will make your wedding unique. One of those is styling your bridesmaids. Long, short, elegant, romantic – there are so many options…

You will probably hear many advices and different ideas from your friends and family. The important thing is to choose style without random people suggesting ideas and confusing you. Of course, number one rule is to include your bridesmaids into planning.

First of all, decide in which direction you are planning to go. There are two ways: to style your bridesmaids in completely same style which means they should wear the same color and fabric, or you can choose the color and allow your girlfriends to pick fabric and style by themselves. Don’t think about their dresses in a „they cannot look better than me“ way. Don’t worry; you’ll be the center of attention that day anyway 🙂

If you insist on color or a fabric, let each maid pick a style that suits her. Look for colors you like and try to find one that will look good on all of your friends (consider their skin tone and hair color). Don’t forget that one size doesn’t fit all. Although your vision of that day should be in focus, do your best to make them happy and excited rather than worried in case you pick out a dress they feel uncomfortable in.

On the other side, if you want to define a color only and allow them to choose dress for themselves, don’t forget to discuss some guidelines. First of all, try to keep them in the same color line. If you only say green, it’s not enough, there are various types of green. Also, try to define certain types of fabric you would like them to wear. If you let them in on your ideas and their wishes, choosing dresses will be much easier.

Moreover, remember to think about everyone’s present financial situation (general price range for bridesmaid dress is between 100 and 200€). If you fall in love with a dress that’s a bit over their budget, consider covering the difference yourself.

A piece of advice: try not to be a control freak and do everything on your own. Appoint your maid of honor or highly responsible bridesmaid to be in charge of organizing gown purchases when you define style with all of them.

Remember, styling your bridesmaids can be fun and inspiring, don’t turn it into competition. Think outside the box. Arrange a fashion show at your home where each bridesmaid will choose the dress that they already have in the closet and think is the best fit for that day. Listen to their feedback and vote together for the best style.

Don’t go over the top with the ideas. Remember, sometimes less is more and, in this case, you should stick to this rule.


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