Inspiration for an organic themed wedding

We have entered the new 20s! The old ones were often referred to as the wild 20s, well, we are not the ones who need to remind you of how wild and crazy the start of the new 20s was.

But this is not the only thing those two decades from different centuries have in common. The past 20s were a decade of change, they were avant-garde and simple in their complexity. We feel that this decade will also open some new concepts or make some old ones shine brighter, but not in a way the somehow artificial light of the glamorous parties of the 1920s did. No, the 2020s bring some bright colors that nature itself gave us.

We are talking sustainable, contemporary – organic. In this post, we are bringing some inspiration for your organic styled wedding.

The ceremony
Organic doesn’t mean any flowers or fewer flowers. Au contraire! It means a lot of dried and reusable flowers, herbs, wood. Big reusable natural pampas grass in big stable vases or simple cotton-plants (Gossypium) in different bundles and decorative cups, as well as oversized flowerlike grass, are an absolute eye-catcher!

The bouquet
These sustainable dried flower bouquets are everlasting (If you take good care of them, of course). The idea behind them is to always have them to remind you of your big day or give them as a special gift to you best friend for her wedding (reminds us of the cult friendship movie “The sisterhood of traveling pants” just with a little twist) or even leave it untouched till the wedding day of your own daughter. We see the break out of a new tradition ahead of us!

The food
To stay organic in this important segment make sure that the food prepared on your wedding day comes from local suppliers. This is just the nicest and most effective way to support your community and to make sure you are serving the best for your guests.

What to wear?
Be sure not to go with any plastic or synthetic materials and as with the food try to find something locally! We suggest that light and natural shades of grey, blue, and brown could be the perfect organic effect for the groom and soft ivory and light beige tones would be the best fit for the color of the wedding dress.


Don’t be afraid to experiment a bit with the shades and the sustainable materials, but keep in mind to not use any flown-in flowers, to use local goods in all segments as much as it is possible. Organic means to be fresh, conscious, and supportive of the community!

Are you planning an organic destination wedding? Don’t make the mistake of avoiding hiring a wedding planner!

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