Online bride

We all know Internet is important and useful when planning a wedding. In the world of endless features, here are some guide lines to make it easier for you to wander through it.

Regardless if you love or hate everything the virtual world brings, it surely makes the wedding planning process more pleasant then it would be without it. From seeking inspiration to purchasing products, communication with vendors to creating your own website where your guests will find all the little details related to your wedding, the world wide web is the perfect place to be. But it`s also easy to be fooled by sparkling sites that don`t deliver as promised. I`m sure all of us have heard about buying a wedding dress from an online bridal shop and the disappointment when it was delivered, but also stories from overwhelmed brides who found all those gorgeous details that couldn`t be found in the real world.


Same as you, we are also in love with Pinterest. It`s like an endless album of inspiration and great ideas. Make sure you use advantages of this social media for creating a personal catalogue of your wedding ideas. Your choices will be a great foundation when creating the concept of your wedding. It surely helps in contouring the vision of style, flowers and colors for your wedding day.


Pinterest wedding is trending even as term these days. It is used by brides all over the world when describing their perfect wedding. This social media has become a blessing and a curse for all wedding planners and designers out there. It offers so many great ideas, but also kills the originality at the same time. Trends tend to be re-interpreted for longer time and re-used with minimal variations, so we end up with bunch of look-a-like weddings. Weddings become more and more similar to each other, without the brides even being aware of it. Try to stay focused on creating a personal style for your wedding day rather than just creating a collage of beautiful photos.


Online world seems as one big store full of incredible beautiful details at affordable prices and we are just one click away from buying all these wonderful things. But be careful to avoid an unpleasant surprise when you discover that your final bill significantly differs from the original cost. The real cost of buying over the Internet includes delivery costs and possible customs charges, so the perfect product with perfect price can easily get transformed into a costly investment.


It may seem like a great way to reduce wedding expenses, but purchasing a copy of designer wedding dress is generally proved to be a bad choice. The wedding dress is the dress of your life and it is our recommendation that you devote fully and carefully to the selection and purchase. Online descriptions of copied dresses may sound great, a description of the fabric equal to the original but believe us when we say the reality is completely different. Bad copy, wrong size, low quality materials, the color that has nothing to do with the one shown on photo are just some of the possible surprises.


Even if technology allows us to achieve fast and efficient communication via e-mail and other communication channels with the people who will help us in wedding planning and be of great help through the process, we encourage you to arrange a meeting in person after the initial contact. Photographer, florist, wedding planner, pastry chef…all of them are extremely important in planning your wedding. Talking face to face with those people is more than a meeting, it’s an opportunity to get to know each other, share ideas and shape your wedding style. Take time to become familiar with key suppliers because you will continually cooperate with them while planning your wedding.


Website with all your wedding details is a great way of communicating with your guests, especially if it is a wedding with a large number of guests or a destination wedding. Wedding web sites contain all important information and they get updated as the wedding date approaches. Most of the online service offer a list of invitees and a RSVP section as a standard part of the site navigation, which allows you to track the number of wedding guests, as well as any special requirements about transportation, accommodation or meals. The website is an excellent way to inform guests about accommodation and transfer options, local customs, important contacts…


Internet is a great way to communicate with people who are in similar situations like you. A number of forums, blogs and social media groups give you the ability to share tips, gather useful information and opportunity to meet someone who understands you better than your best friends.


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