Postpone your 2020 wedding don’t cancel it

Covid-19 wedding planning top questions and answers

Love is not canceled, the celebration is just postponed.

We are all in this tough time together. We are all trying to do our best, make the right decision, show grace while also taking care of our families. And we have to be strong, empathetic, and understanding.


Postponing your wedding rather than canceling is the way we suggest to react. You can continue to plan your big day even though it might be happening later than originally intended. Croatia has been a dream place for a lot of couples form many reasons, one of them being that people feel a familiar atmosphere. Many companies in the destination wedding businesses are in fact companies run by a family. We suggest to all our couples to postpone their wedding rather than cancel, also because in this way it will be possible to keep all these small companies alive in the future.


It’s a waiting game right now so that we can celebrate once it’s safe for all of us to celebrate. Check out our top Covid-19 wedding planning questions and answers and feel free to contact us with any questions, we are here for you.




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