Small wedding abroad

Small wedding abroad is not a synonym for lack of money or friends, it’s an indicator that newlyweds today wants to surround themselves with close family and friends and enjoy the intimate and relaxed atmosphere. Based on our experiences in organizing weddings in Croatia, couples who decide to have a destination wedding most likely set their mind on a small event followed by a honeymoon.

If you are tired of discussing the budget and negotiating on the guest list, we might have the perfect solution – let us organize a small wedding abroad for you. We even have the perfect destination – Croatia!

Imagine months of stress, long talks with your future spouse, compromising over invitees with your families, discussing every wedding detail during every weaken hour with your girl friends, hours, days and weeks of online research…it can easily become exhausting instead of exciting cycle of preparing for your big day. Small wedding in another country gives you a perfect twist where you can still enjoy with your most precious people, but still avoid lots of hustle that would be involved if you have had organized a wedding in your home town or country.

For a small wedding abroad all you need to do is pick a location, find a wedding planner and inform your loved ones. It gives you a whole other perspective if you decide to have a small wedding abroad. You can even combine it with a lovely honeymoon.

When dealing with small destination weddings, we as planners see nothing more than happy and relaxed couples who love each other. We`ve done it all…from just the bride and groom attending to including best man and maid of honor to inviting up to 30 of their closest friends and family.

Whichever you choose make sure it is the right thing for you and your future husband.

Choose the perfect venue and fly away…to your small wedding abroad you`ll be enjoying to the core.


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