Something blue – great wedding ideas

According to our experiences in Weddings in Croatia, something blue will never go out of fashion. Together with something old, new and borrowed, something blue is a symbol of love and good fortune. Although we’re still equally excited about this tradition, choosing a blue garter as your lucky charm on your wedding day isn’t the only option. On the contrary, there are numerous ways to honor this custom and even more ideas of what it could be.

Nowadays, some of the most popular “Something Blues” are:


Shoes are the most common item brides usually consider for something blue. Are they going to be pale, tiffany or royal blue, it depends on your taste. If you don’t want blue shoes as they’re not a good match to the other colors, you can always get the ones with blue soles.


You don’t have to limit yourself to something blue accessories. Nowadays, there are gorgeous blue wedding dresses in numerous shades. If it seems too much, there’s always option to just add blue petticoat or even a sash on your wedding dress.


Although it’s not the most favored color for a wedding bouquet among brides, a touch of blue blooms such as blue hydrangea, blue iris and delphinium will make your bouquet special.


In the last couple of years, it has become quite popular for brides to sew in their monogrammed initials or wedding anniversary into the inside of their wedding dress. That’s pretty cool interpretation of tradition.


You can never go wrong with jewelry; a small hint of blue gemstones like sapphire or blur topaz to your earrings, necklace ring, bracelet or even your wedding ring can give you a true diva look.


Traditional symbol of love and good luck doesn’t have to be out in the open, especially if you don’t want to have any blue details for your wedding. That’s why many brides stick to blue lingerie and inevitable garter.


Modern brides love to use hair accessories that will complement their flawless wedding hairstyle. Whether it’s going to be a tiara, headband, hair pin, decorative comb or fascinator, you have one more idea for something blue.


If you decide not to have something blue accessories, maybe you’ll be willing to consider manicure/pedicure in the same color. It still counts!


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