Tips to organize the perfect wedding

If you`ve been engaged for longer than a week you probably know by now it takes a lot of work and hard research to organize the perfect wedding. After the first excitement, there will be many decisions to be made and even some risks you`ll have to take.

That`s when you`ll be deciding whether you can do it on your own or you`ll request help from an wedding industry professional.

One of the most important criteria is how many guests you`re planning to invite. If you think of having up to 50 people at your wedding you might be able to do it on your own, with some help from your family and bridesmaids. But, if you`re planning a big wedding to be held on an outdoor venue it would be reasonable to ask for professional help as there are lots of vendors to be included and details that need yours (or planner`s) maximum attention.

Most of couples think it is expensive to hire a planner. Think again. They are returning customers to the vendors and they have better conditions. You might be actually saving money by hiring a wedding professional who can get you other discounts because of long-term industry relationships. A wedding planner should be a benefit to your wedding budget.

That been said, if you still prefer to do all the wedding planning yourself, bear in mind to be extra organized through the process. Make a detailed checklist and due dates and follow it to the core.

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Here`s a small tip we give to our brides who want to be involved in a fun part of the wedding and have some DIY skills – make your own wedding favors. That way you add a nice personal touch when honoring your guests and you still have a wedding project to keep up with.

If you think you want to be involved in the whole process, you can still hire a wedding planner. The planner is there to get you different options, suggest the timeline and work all the details to create the perfect wedding, but you`d still be in charge of making all decisions. Be open to planner`s suggestion but feel free to say loud and clear if there is any part of the concept you don`t find suitable for you and your groom. The wedding planner`s job is to give you guidance and get you different choices and implement your wishes to fit the whole wedding idea.


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