Top 10 reasons why to get married in Istria

You want to get married in Croatia and all you can think of is crystal clear water and great sailing spots. And probably all of you have already heard of Dubrovnik and The Game of Thrones. But dear readers and future brides and grooms, there is more to Croatia then this written above. Ever heard of Rovinj, Pula or Poreč? Yes, but you are not really sure what that is? But you’ve for sure heard of truffles and asparagus? Let us tell you more about it and the region where you will find all of this and more. Istria, Croatia’s biggest peninsula where the continent kisses the sea. Below you’ll find just 10 of many more reasons why you should definitely think of getting married here



Istria is on the very spot where the continent meets the sea and still keeps the best of both worlds. You are not more than 200 kilometers away from the Alps and nonetheless, experience the full prosperity of the mild Mediterranean climate. The Istrian climate makes it possible for you to have your wedding almost all year around. The best months though would be April till October when the weather is stable and mostly sunny.


One thing you won’t have to worry about when choosing Istria as your wedding destination is food and drinks! The Istrian cuisine is known for exquisite specialties such as homemade pasta Pljukanci or absolutely fabulous homemade beef carpaccio. Every restaurant is proud to present the original Istrian truffles in their menus combined with other meals, and that is not even close to what the Istrians can offer. The region is well known for the best Croatian virgin olive oil as well. And for all of you who worry what your wedding guest, who came from oh so far away will be drinking, fear no more! Istria has a longlasting winemaking tradition. A place which wine lovers won’t leave without bringing a bottle or two back home. But this topic deserves a separate blog post. Stay tuned ????


Do we even have to start explaining anything? Rovinj, Pula, Porec just google it. The pictures are not even that nice as it is in real life. National Park Brijuni island. Crystal clear water and untouched nature combined with delicious food and wine. Do you need more reasons for having a different but unquestionably glamorous and still natural wedding? Is there anything better than dipping into the clear water the day after you married the love of your life? You can easily combine your wedding and honeymoon here in Istria. Just a tip ????


You are not a beach wedding kind of couple? Ok, no worries. Istria is more than just its coastline. Istria’s countryside is just the most romantic mixture of cute little towns on hills like Motovun and beautiful and vast vineyards found all around the inside of the Istrian peninsula. Those places are perfect for having a romantic rustic reception and experiencing the above all best there is of this region. And, if you change your mind and still want to take a splash in the amazing Adriatic Sea, it is not more than an hour drive away from the very center of the peninsula.


Istria has excellent traffic connections to the rest of Europe. There is an Airport in Pula, the main city on the peninsula and another airport near the city Rijeka which is about 1 and a half hours away from most of the towns in Istria. There are often very affordable tickets to those two airports. Another close by airport is the one in Venice, not even a 100 km drive away. Why not check air tickets in the meanwhile? The road traffic connections are fabulous. The highway in Istria is called the Istrian “Y” and it covers the whole width and length of it. If you rent a car in Istria you can make a road trip and discover the whole peninsula in one week!


No matter if you are a nature freak or luxury-lady, Istria has it all. The inside around the towns Motovun and Pazin is not only well known for their wines and truffles but also for a lot of old rustic stone houses, called Stancija. There are a lot of houses like this for rent, but all those who like the more modern and high-end kind of architecture and style will for sure find something in the town of Rovinj, which has a series of luxury hotels in it as well as in Porec, Pula, Umag, and Savudrija. Istria offers a variety of accommodation for you and your guests in different styles and for everyone’s taste.


The heritage of this region is enormous. The cultural and historical background is just stunning as is its nature. It dates back to the prehistoric era. An interesting fact is the impact of the Roman culture and later on the Italian culture mixed with the Austrian-Hungarian culture and architecture. You will find the amphitheater in Pula to be just one of many important historical monuments in Istria.


You name it, we have it or will make it come true. There are so many perfect locations for various tastes and styles and all of them are possible to achieve through great advice and wedding planning. Not many places can offer such a variety of continental flair and coastal feel as Istria can on such a relatively small space.


Sea diving, playing or watching an ATP Tennis match in Umag, visiting the National Park Brijuni or the Natural park Kamenjak, having great wine in an authentic Istrian vineyard, showing your guests the beautiful little bays of Istria (there are plenty of them), learning how to make homemade Istrian pasta Pljukanci in Motovun, visiting great music festivals in Pula during the summer… and so many more things to do after or before your wedding day.


And last but not least: the Istrians. They are just different than the rest of the Croatians. Rather liberally oriented, but still loving and cherishing their tradition. Outgoing and friendly but not nosy at all. And since Istria is a touristic region and used to having foreigners as guests, the Istrians are often fluent in English, German and of course Italian, since it has a strong connection to Italy a lot of Istrians speak Italian as their first language.

Oh yes, one more thing: It is heart shaped. We rest our case.

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