Wedding checklist pro: 9-6 months before the wedding

WEDDING CHECKLIST PRO posts continues. Right now, we’re half way to our dream day. Important decissions like booking a wedding date, venue, band are behind us and we can calmly move on to the next stage.

In the period between nine and six months before the wedding, there’s still enough time to keep it cool, but there are yet numerous decissions to make. Here are some of them:


Now is the time to make arrangements regarding wedding ceremony. If you’re planning to have a civil ceremony, this is the time limit for choosing the venue. Although there is a legal requirement to announce your intention to get married only 30 to 45 days before the wedding date, most officers will book your date in advance. This piece of information is important to have in this planning period in case you want to send out your wedding invitations on time.


Assebling a guest list is a process, but in this period you’ll have to finish with defining it. There will still be changes during your wedding planning process, but you need this list in order to get started with next steps such as ordering wedding invitations and flower decorations for the reception.


Start to think about the gifts for your guests. Is it going to be a traditional wedding favor or something completely out-of-the-box? And what about the gifts for your parents and godparents? Get creative and let these gifts reflect your style and feelings.


Since you already determined the wedding date, venue, ceremony location as well as the guest list, it’s time to choose your wedding invitations. Do your research: don’t forget to include the details that can tell your guests what kind of wedding they can expect and what you really are as a couple. Beside invitations, there are menues, name tags, seating charts, thank you notes to think about.


This one is the best, you get to talk about flowers. If you haven’t already, hire a florist. Discuss your ideas and ask for suggestions. You have to determine how your wedding bouquet is going to look like and what kind of flower decorations are you planning to have. Floral arch for wedding ceremony, chair decoration, lush centerpieces…only sky is the limit.


At this point you should book hair stylist and make-up artist. It’s never too early to worry about your appearance on your wedding day. It’s important to find an expert hair and make-up artist who will recognize your style. Arrange a trial make-up and hairdo if you don’t want unpleasant surprises on your wedding day. In case you’re not satisfied with the result – move along until you find the perfect match.


Music is one of the most important components of your ceremony because it sets the mood for your special day. In case you want special music background for your ceremony, now is the time to book a choir, organist or solo singer.


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