Wedding checklist pro: three to one month before

Take a look at your wedding checklist three months before your perfect day. There are no more though decisions to be made but it’s not the time to relax neither.

Here’s what you have to deal with in the period between three and one month before the wedding:


Start sending invitations. Don’t forget that the guest from far away need to receive them as soon as possible in order to plan trip to your wedding. Besides, it’s important to get final guest list early enough so that you can begin with planning seating arrangements.


Arrange trial hair and make-up. This is not optional since there are so many stories we’ve heard over the years about brides who were dissapointed with the end result of their trial hair and make-up. Some of them had more than three tirals before they decided on the style that suited them the most. Make sure you bring pictures from magazines or from Pinterest in order to pinpoint exactly what you want.


By this time, you should gather in all necessary documents for the wedding. Once you’re settled, contact the officiant and register for a wedding date. In case you’re plannitn to have a religious ceremony, take the certificate to the church.


Wedding is one of the most important events in your life and wedding reception is simply not enough. Plan your bachelor and bachelorette party and bear in mind that it’s scheduled no later than a week before the wedding.


Think about the details – do you have everything neccessary fot the big day? There are tons of things to think about and it’s not unusual to forget them along the way. Hair pins, purse, spare shoes, lingerie, ring pillow, garter, jewelry?

ADDITIONAL TIP: Don’t forget to wear your wedding shoes around the house; you definitely don’t need a blister on your wedding day.

By the time you’re done with all this, your wedding will be just 30 days away and your wedding checklist is getting shorter and shorter.

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